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Utilize modules like Attendance, Student Information, and Communication (Email/SMS) to efficiently manage attendance records, parent communication, and student information tracking for young learners.

Primary & Secondary Schools

Benefit from modules such as Academics, Attendance, and Exam Management to streamline grading, class scheduling, student attendance tracking, and exam scheduling.

High Schools

Leverage modules like CBSE Examination, Attendance, and Reports to manage board exam processes, track student attendance, and generate comprehensive academic reports for high school students.


Use modules including Admission, Fees Collection, and Student Information to handle admissions processes, collect fees, and maintain student records effectively in a college setting.


Make use of modules like Research Project Management, Exam Management, and Alumni to support advanced academic and research activities, manage university exams, and engage with alumni networks.

Training / Coaching Centers

Implement modules such as Live Classes, Homework, and Online Examinations to facilitate online learning, assign homework tasks, and conduct assessments for students enrolled in coaching or training programs.

Flexible Solutions
for Diverse Needs

EdTech ERP offers a comprehensive range of features meticulously crafted to accommodate the diverse needs and scales of educational institutions.

1. ERP

Seamlessly manage your educational resources, streamline operations, and make informed decisions with our intuitive analytics, designed to enhance every aspect of your institution's journey.

2. SMS

Elevate academic standards, foster community engagement, and enhance operational efficiency with our advanced functionalities, crafted to simplify school management and nurture growth.

3. LMS

Personalized learning paths, interactive content, and insightful analytics redefine educational experiences, putting the focus on student success and engagement.

4. Core

EdTech Core offers a fully customizable Student Information System, providing educational organizations of all levels with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency, tailored to meet your unique needs.

5. CRM

Strengthen relationships, drive success, and provide personalized support to students and educators alike, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within your institution.

6. SIS

Experience enhanced efficiency, improved communication, and centralized data management, transforming the way educational institutions operate and thrive.

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